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Sarah & Wil Reding
Wil is a Certified Heritage Interpreter, certified by
the National Association for Interpretation.

A 500 Mile Saunter
"El Camino to Santiago” in Spain
Have Wil and/or Sarah entertain and inspire your group as they retell of
their adventure (along with their daughter) while walking the 500 miles on
El Camino! They spent 34 days “living a dream” of traversing the northern
part of Spain on the 1200-year-old Pilgrimage trail. Their stories along with beautiful images capture this inspirational story where people from around
the world take this spiritual walk. What a birthday present for a 70-year-old!!
Fee: A one hour program will be available for a fee of $300, plus transportation and living expenses (if needed).

Lessons we learned on the Camino
  • I can do more than I think or believe I could

  • Pain reminds me I am alive

  • I like people a lot

  • I like being part of some groups

  • People really do care

  • Crying is okay

  • Sharing is very good

  • I need less than I think

  • A long-distance hike is fun

  • All the planning turned out to be worthwhile

  • Not much of what I worried about before my walk turned out to be a problem

  • The benefits of albergues (Hostels) outweigh the discomforts

  • Walking alone has it rewards

  • Very slow is the best way for me to go (Snail)

  • A little Spanish goes a long way

  • Every day and night on the Camino brings a surprise

  • Being outdoors all day is the greatest gift

  • and...

“The end of the Camino is just the BEGINNING!”