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I care to live only to entice people to look at nature. ~ John Muir     

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Sarah & Wil Reding
Wil is a Certified Heritage Interpreter, certified by
the National Association for Interpretation.

Wil and Sarah Reding
General Naturalist Services
In addition to the prepared theatrical/interactive programs, Wil and Sarah Reding provide general naturalist services with information you wish to convey to your class or group. Presentations are designed for particular students or adults. They can visit a natural area near your school or your school site to explore exciting natural wonders.  Will and Sarah have wide experience in the environmental education field.

Lively lessons on birds, mammals, wildflowers, wetlands, habitats, recycling, living in the wilderness, learn maple sugaring, winter signs, learn about camping, backpacking, map and compass
reading, finding wild edibles, and other outdoor survival techniques,
or just about any nature-related topic.
Fee: $75/hour for a 32 or smaller student classroom, with a minimum
of 4 hours of work per day. Employer will incur travel expenses.

If you would like to have the knowledge and excitement of the natural world on your next trip, have Wil and/or Sarah plan and lead your trip to a wondrous natural area. It's an adventure you won't forget.

Fee: Depends on place and needs of the employer. Employer will incur travel expenses.

Wil and Sarah, educators themselves with Masters Degrees and over 25 years in the field will share how to incorporate and correlate outdoor/environmental education with your existing science curriculum. The emphasis is on "hands-on" learning, and how even a brief walk outside can become a science "investigation"!
Fee: Depends on Number of participants and subject matter covered.  Employer will incur travel expenses.

Wil and Sarah have been working with teachers, interpreters, and others involved with leadership positions to share their knowledge and understanding
of the natural world and itís importance. They have
since helped a number of staff to develop and increase
their abilities to do their professional jobs
better! They would like to help you do the same!

Fee: Depends on number of participants and training subject matter covered. Employer will incur travel expenses.

In today's changing social and business environment, it is becoming increasingly important to learn how to rely on one another in order to achieve the goals your group has set. This workshop teaches participants how to work together through games, ropes, and other group problem solving activities. It is ideal for rekindling partnership in a dysfunctional group.
Fee: Depends on number of participants and training subject matter covered.  Employer will incur travel expenses.

"Lighting the Spark"
Through their years of teaching they have become passionate about their concern for the Environment. They can enlighten, challenge, motivate and stimulate an audience to "want to learn" and "do more" for their world and its inhabitants!

Fee: $1000 per talk. Employer will incur travel expenses.