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I care to live only to entice people to look at nature. ~ John Muir     

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Sarah & Wil Reding
Wil is a Certified Heritage Interpreter, certified by
the National Association for Interpretation.

John Muir's Thousand-Mile Walk
Retracing John Muir’s Steps:
1000 Miles to the Gulf

As Interpretive naturalists and a recurring dream of taking a long walk, the Redings looked to the famous Naturalist John Muir for guidance. John Muir's love of plants, his writings, and his work with Yosemite and the National Park system, has been an inspiration to the Redings for many years.
To follow in his footsteps and retrace the "1000 mile walk to the Gulf", became a possibility too exciting to pass up. John began his walk to the Gulf in 1867, two years after the Civil War, starting at Indianapolis IN and ending at Cedar Key, FL. The Redings, using his journals, Civil War maps and lots of other research, set out on May 5th, 2006 and completed their retracing walk in 53 days on June 25, 2006.
Join the Redings as they share their experiences, their thoughts and their encounters along their 1000 Mile Journey in John Muir's steps!
Fee: A one hour program will be available for a fee of $300, plus transportation and living expenses (if needed).