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I care to live only to entice people to look at nature. ~ John Muir     

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Sarah & Wil Reding
Wil is a Certified Heritage Interpreter, certified by
the National Association for Interpretation.

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Thanks for the educational and entertaining walk at the KNC today.
I figure that next to reading John Muir, going on walks with you is as close as I'll ever get to what it must have been like to keep company with Muir. Best,

~ Keith Kroll           

Dear Kathy and Wil,

On behalf of the Clinton County Arts Council (CCAC), I want to thank you both very, very much for providing such a special and unique speaker as Yas Ennya Oyaka for our August 13 Fun Family Friday. Yas, it was fascinating to see and listen to you as you showed your real animal skins, horns, antlers, hoof, etc. And fun to hear your explanation of why you wear a fake animal skin. It was especially good how you involved the audience especially the kids... [read more]

                                                             ~ Jenny McCampbell, Treasurer, Clinton County Arts Council


Just want to let you know that, despite icy winds and snow, your outdoor education workshop at the NAI Regional Conference was really a delight and, for me, the highlight of the conference. I am not alone in wishing I could have more opportunity to follow you around and learn more about your philosophy and how you teach outdoors. You are an excellent resource person for any of us, both practicing and aspiring naturalists! I live in Elkhart, IN, maybe an hour away from Kalamazoo.  It even occurred to me to ask you what college courses you will be teaching and where I might just consider registering!

                                                               ~ Judy Gibson            

Wil & Sarah,

My trip to the Nordhouse Dunes, Sept 8-10 was quite a memorable trip. I feel I learned a ton even though I wasn't in school and I feel I gained a lot, too! I also commend Will and Sarah for a great job planning this trip; it wouldn't have been as fun without the two of them.

     ~ A student from Western Michigan University's Environmental Studies Program         

Dear Wil,

Thank you for contributing to the success of Allegan County's 7th Annual EcoExpo. With out your assistance, out task would have been impossible. We hope you will consider being involved in the nest Eco Expo!

~ Amy Oliver, Supervisor, Kalamazoo Math & Science Center     

Wil & Sarah!

This is just a note to say thank you very much for making this National Wildlife summit hard to forget! I really enjoyed your programs. Aresfoot and the Marsh Mallow Man were fabulous! I roared in laughter! I also enjoyed the wildflower class, even though we were hit by a bit of rain.

~ Sue