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I care to live only to entice people to look at nature. ~ John Muir     

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Sarah & Wil Reding
Wil is a Certified Heritage Interpreter, certified by
the National Association for Interpretation.

Yas Ennya Oyaka
"Tell a Thing as It Should Be Told!"
The character, "Yas Ennya Oyaka", knows a lot about Great Lakes mammals, he has been doing sharing sessions for over 24 years. Participants will find the information enjoyable to experience and personally enriching. In addition to lively story-telling, with plenty of direct eye contact, "Yas" uses: sight (he dresses as a woodsperson in a fake bear skin cape, big black hat with feather, a patch over one eye and walking softly in moccasins) smell (he eats a bit of garlic before each presentation), sound (he has a gruff voice) and touch (he involves his audience in his presentations) to teach. His information is about the rich ecosystem of the Midwest United States and its inhabitants or any place he finds himself rambling.
Fee: $200/program, with reduced rates for more than one program. Employer will incur travel expenses.